OTA Update, how to do?

Hi, great work here. Unfortunately there is little to no installation instructions for iode on teracube 2e. The updater-app wants to update from 1.4 to 2.3, then boots into twrp recovery, but what else? I cannot find the 2.3 zip. In /data/data and /sdcard are only a lot of cryptic folder names?

Did the OTA fail to reboot to version 2.3?..Your data will probably be lost unfortunately, sorry about that… To make safer update it may be safer to use iodé’s recovery.
You can adb sideload iodé (latest zip file here) from recovery

Thanks, no the updater downloads the 2.3 update and then prepares something for update. Then it says that it reboots to recovery to install the update. Reboot works but nothing happens. I thought that I have to look for the downloaded files manually and let TWRP install it?
I installed the 1.4 version over sideload

I just saw, that there are special recovery images for every update. What recovery do you need for an OTA update, the twrp-3.5.0_10-2-Teracube-2e.img or the iode-2.3-20220127-2e-recovery.img?
Is the iode image also TWRP?

You can sideload iodé using any recovery.
The one we provide is more restrictive than TWRP, but is the one with which we test OTAs. You can choose the one that suits you best.

I updated the readme as it was pointing to TWRP. It now points to iodé’s recovery.

Thank you Antoine, I sideloaded the update now with iode recovery and it worked. I try the next OTA update with this recovery.