OTA update bricks phone

i updated via the iode app, after download & install,
it could no longer boot into system.
it eventually boot into Recovery, and said "can’t load Android system. your data may be corrupt. if you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.

i couldn’t find the latest update of iode OS for Samsung Galaxy s10e on iode’s website either.

Some sort of problem with that slot maybe.
Factory reset would probably fix the issue (but wipes data).
Guess you are thinking of sideloading update from that recovery screen to install back to the other slot.
Looks like 4.12-20240526 is the latest update and it’s on the main releases page.

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thanks very much! :slight_smile:

if i’m trying to preserve data,
(using default iode’s recovery),
do i “Apply Update”, “Apply from ADB”,
then sideload “iode-4.12-20240526-beyond0lte.zip”?

should i do anything with iode-4.12-20240526-beyond0lte-recovery.img? before or after?

Yes, just do those steps, no wipe, and hope it works OK. I suppose there’s a chance something wrong with the update though. Idk.

No need to do anything with the zip apart from check the sha256 maybe.

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If USB debugging was turned off on your phone it won’t work though.

EDIT: Turns out this is wrong. Sideloading works whether developer options is on or off. Recovery in sideload mode is all that seems to be required for flashing/updating.

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i’d tried both Apply Update from ADB & Choose from SD Card.
it says “install complete with status 0”,
but still no longer boot into system and eventually boot into Recovery.

the “version” also stays at “4.10” instead of 4.11/ 4.12.

damn, i shouldn’t have trusted iode devs.

Normally that means a good installation, no errors. Do you still get the factory reset message?

I believe the recovery for samsungs has an option to clear cache, probably under advanced? Don’t know if that would help though.

Its under factory reset and then clear cache partition

i’d cleared cache partition but its still the same :frowning:

yes, i still get the factory reset message :frowning:

I guess you already tried sideloading the same version you were on before: 4.10?

And if that didn’t work I can’t see any other option for you apart from losing data I’m afraid.

yes i’ve also tried sideloading the same version (4.10) :frowning: