OTA to iode' 3.1

Well this morning I got the notification that my iode’ 2.5 install on a Sony Xperia XZ3 was ready to upgrade to 3.1. I deleted junk files so that I had 12 GB free and then rebooted to clear the memory. Then I made a backup with seedvault and put that on my micro SD card just in case something went wrong.

It was a quick download of 1 GB and then around 5 minutes for my phone to unpack and install the updates. It rebooted with no problems. Logging in was a bit different as the font was larger than usual (changed now in settings>display). I also found out later that my finger print unlock apparently didn’t work but it does after another reboot and clearing the previous finger prints and adding new ones.

Everything else seems to be good and now I’m getting used to the look of Android 12. I like how there is now a power button in the pull down area (pull down twice).

These are from the device info app in the Aurora store: