Organic Maps instead Magic Earth

I dont know if you developers of iode ike free and opensource apps in your builds, but I just wanna say that there is this app, Organic Maps, in f-droid for maps that seems great instead of using the one that is not opensource.

Even if we want to promote open source alternatives, we opted for Magic Earth instead of Organic Maps as we think it is more easy-to-use & accurate (navigation-wise for example), and this aspect is also important to us.

Also, preinstalled apps are uninstallable in iodéOS (under settings → apps & notifications → preinstalled apps) :slight_smile:

Do you think OM has better features than ME or is it more the open-source aspect that bothers you?

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OM is good. But, as Antoine said, ME is quit better for navigation and search and live traffic.
I use both, but OM is not (yet) a full replacement.

Is just the open source possibility. I like so much Magic earth, is just that is not open source so I dont know really where all their things are coming from, if is from microsoft , google or …