OpenVPN Client fail after Update to IODE 3.2

after Updating from IODE 3.1 to 3.2 on Samsung S10e,
the Internet Connection is blocked.

“Waiting for usable Network”.

Whats going wrong???

My VPN Settings are:

  • VPN always on.
  • Block connections without VPN.

Private DNS-Mode:

  • Automatic

Did you allow wifi and / or data mobile for the VPN application you use ?

OpenVPN is not blocked (in the IODE-APP).

After changing the Android VPN Settings for OpenVPN:
Block connections without VPN: “no”
and changing the
Android DNS-Setting "Private DNS-Mode to “Off”

then the OPENVPN Log show:
"Cannot resolve host adress: “hostname:443”

I use TCP over Port 443 for VPN …

I tested again OpenVPN on iodé 3.2, no problem, even with blocking connections without VPN ad private DNS…

After changing the Android VPN Settings for OpenVPN:
Block connections without VPN: “no”
and do RESTART of the device,
then OpenVPN Client is able to Connect.

But with the Android VPN-Setting:
Block connections without VPN: “yes”
(normally this is my default setting)
and after Restart the device:
then OpenVPN Client is not connecting …

This seems is reproducible.

Ok I could reproduce with OpenVPN. This does not happen with ProtonVPN, in the same conditions (block connections without VPN, permanent VPN, after reboot…)

Even more, reproduced with a different vpn client that can use wireguard or openvpn protocols. No problem with wireguard, but issue with openvpn. This seems to be very specific to that protocol…

Due the problem that many guest wlan have limitation (they block many ports) the only stable solution with a VPN is to find a VPN-Provider that supports OpenVPN and allow VPN over TCP443 and supports Secure-DNS …

I can’t estimate whether the problem is with the settings of the VPN profile or somewhere else.
Something must have changed in IODE 3.2.

I reproduced this today with ProtonVPN (Free). If Block connections without VPN is set "yes”, after reboot VPN connection refuses to connect. Set “no” and then VPN works.

Iode 3.2 and Samsung S10e.