OpenTracks contiuously switching between 'Waiting for better GPS' and 'GPS disabled'

Hi, sorry if this is not in the right section. I have no idea if my problem is OS or app related, so I thought to ask it on this forum also.

I just installed OpenTracks on my Fairphone 4, and have my Motorola g31 (with Android) right beside it, also with OpenTracks (and GPStest and SatStat installed on both devices)

Both FP4 and Moto g31 show the same amount of satellites in GPStest : 20/23/31, with the FP4 showing better D/R0 (signal strength), but as mentioned in the title, OpenTracks on the FP4 (with iodéOS) continuously keeps switching between ‘Waiting for better GPS signal’ and ‘GPS disabled’, without ever getting a GPS fix.

My Moto g31 actually gets a GPS fix almost instantly, despite having weaker signals all around.

Anybody have any idea on where this goes wrong? In the iodéOS ? MicroG maybe ? Bug in the OpenTrack app ?

Who would have thougth ? The problem is not OS, or app, but the idiot holding the phone :wink:

Someone just explained to me where to find the MicroG settings:

Ow, that was allready active.