OpenCamera from Lockscreen without Pin


I flashed IodéOS 3.1 on a Fairphone 4.
So far I could not be happier except one thing:

In the settings I activated “System > Gestures > Jump To Camera”
(I am guessing the English names. In German it is “System > Gesten und Begwegungen > Kamera schnell öffnen”)
It’s basically working. If I press the power button twice now I jump to OpenCamera. So far so good.

However doing the same from the lockscreen requires me to unlock the phone before I get to the camera:

  • I press the power button twice and feel a vibration as feedback
  • But nothing else happens or changes
  • If I unlock the phone now I endup in the camera app

In LineageOS and DivestOS on my old Fairphone 2 I was able to get to the camera without unlocking the phone. Can this be done in IodéOS too?

I googled around and somewhere it said that OpenCamera has to be made the default camera app before this can work. However if I check “Apps & Notification > Default Apps” there is no way to set the default camera.

Can anybody help me here?
Or has this been dropped in Iodé?

Its working for me with Gcam app on the FP3, however when I recently installed another Version I noticed the same…I dont remember exactly how I fixed it, somehow I forced the system to use the Camera I want…normally in such cases, when you use it from lock screen you might need to confirm once which cam app to use, so maybe if not done, install another Cam App to force system to select?

We pushed an update on our fdroid server that fixes this issue.

I am sorry.
I wanted to reply “wow. That was quick”

but then something happened (the kids probably) and I forgot . . .

so a bit late but still:
thank you!
that was quick