"Open Board" as standalone app in app drawer?

Hi there dear Iodé community :slight_smile:

I’m a proud iodé user on my Fairphone 4 since a few months now.
I’m very happy with the ROM and all its features.

One thing is weird though and maybe someone could explain it to me.

Open Board is included in the ROM as far as I understand and its settings are therefore accessible through the systems settings. So far so good.

But the strange thing is that open board also is shown as a normal app in my app drawer (see screenshot). When I open it it just shows me the same settings as if I would access them via the system settings.

I’m not sure but I think in the beginning after I flashed the ROM it was not there yet. It only appeared a few days later as far as I remember.

Now I also flashed iodé on another phone and there open board is not shown as a standalone app.

Is there a possibility to hide the open board app again so that I can still use it but it is only shown in the system settings?

Thank you very much in advance and have beautiful new year!



under home settings…hidden and protected…you can hide them

seems a bug in openBoard
have the same on different ROMs. Whatever you configure in their settings it keeps available in drawer
but is not deterministic

Hm ok strange. thanks for your answer!
So I’ll just wait.

Or @sts61 what do you mean with “home settings” and “hidden and protected”? I dont find these settings. You mean the system settings or the open board settings?

Now I had to search for a long time in the system settings myself🤣
With Samsung it’s easy to use the bixbi button😀
go to system settings… search trebuchet…APP info…additional settings in the APP
…you can adjust it there

just found an even easier way😀
Just hold your finger on the start screen…then Settings comes up

sorry, I’m used to Samsung

Wow, super nice! It works!
Never saw this settings menu before. So I learned something new and my app drawer is a little cleaner again now thanks to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and have a nice evening!