Online store - privacy-friendly payment methods

I am not familiar with Bitcoin. And since you can otherwise only pay with credit card or Paypal in the online store, I would be happy about privacy-friendly payment methods such as direct debit and bank transfer (SEPA).

I couldn’t agree more. @Antoine had told me on request in summer that bank transfer (SEPA) should be available from mid July 2021.

Well, unfortunately, time passes too quickly, so it’s already autumn now - and I still haven’t bought any equipment from iodé, because the payment method hasn’t changed.

If that’s the case, I can understand you. But even though it’s obviously taking a long time, I’m confident that they’ll still make it happen. As far as I’ve seen so far, they’re trying very hard. I think they just have too much to do. They probably don’t know what to do first. They are certainly working hard on the iodé blocker right now, too.
As for me, I still have time anyway, since I’m waiting for the Fairphone 4. :smiley:

Well, I’ve flashed several devices with iodéOS, including a brand new Teracube 2E, and given them to friends and acquaintances. We’ve no shortage of iodé devices.

My thought is that rivacy-friendly payment methods such as bank transfer (SEPA), would encourage sales, which would be an additional amount to cover costs. Also donations would flow more this way …

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I can only agree with this wholeheartedly. The more sales and donations, the more secure iodé’s future and the more staff they can hire. So then more and faster security or privacy related improvements, updates or features can happen. Or even more smartphone models can be supported. In any case, I would think it would be great if as many people as possible could be enabled to buy a privacy-friendly smartphone. Because there are enough people who would like to have one, but do not dare to flash it themselves. And I don’t begrudge iodé the success with all my heart. Finally, someone who really takes data protection seriously and tries to implement it not only superficially, but in depth. And this is for sale for everyone. :smiley:

We’ve been accepting bank transfer for a while now, if you want to purchase a iodé phone via bank transfer, please send an email to
We accept Paypal donations for now
We may add other cryptocurrencies as payment methods in the future

Payments via PayPal are dependent on Google servers.

For example, if you suppress (make inaccessible) Google IP addresses via hardware (router) or via (software) ‘hosts’ file, PayPal payment is no longer possible.

Reading¹ tip: “PayPal - data transfer to over 600 third party companies” by Mike Kuketz (Dipl.-Inf.).

¹Forget Google or Bing Translator etc. Try DeepL-Translator

I just discovered that you can now pay by bank transfer :slightly_smiling_face: :+1::

Instant bank payment

You will be automatically redirected to your secured bank environment to confirm your payment.
Pay safely for your purchase. It’s easy, no registration needed.

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That only sounded good. But now I found out that the bank transfer goes through a third party provider and is only available for accounts in France and Spain. This runs via This was not what I expected. A third party provider is completely unnecessary. The easiest thing in the world would be to get the bank details from iodé during or after the ordering process. Then you can transfer from your own bank directly and privacy-friendly to the bank of iodé.

But the (complicated) way as mentioned by @Antoine remains at least. :wink: