Not much of a difference

Well, I updated my Sony Xperia XZ1 from iode’ 1.2 (Android 10) to iode’ 2.0 (Android 11). I was impressed with how iode’ made the updater very easy for the end user to upgrade. However, they didn’t have much to work with as Android didn’t change much from 10 to 11. I searched the internet and read 3 articles that compared things and it seems to be mostly visual changes and things I don’t use to make things easier with chats. I think there were also security changes done that we can’t see except when you go to About phone and see a newer date.

Maybe Android will change more come version 12 in September so iode’ has more to work with.


Upgrading from LineageOS 17.1 to 18.1 can also be done easily using ‘adb sideload’ without losing your data. The iodé updater, however, makes upgrading from iodéOS 1.2 to 2.0 a breeze and is unsurpassed in user-friendliness. This has been solved first class by the iodé team. For that I say thank you. Bravo - iodé team.

That’s not what I read in the original Changelog-25 of the Lineage-Team for LineageOS 18.1. It took several months of hard work to port their features to this new Android 11 version. The massive changes in the Android Security Bulletin (ASB) were not something to just skim over in passing. Those who know how deficient, especially the detail and fine work in coding is, appreciate this great work very much.

Even though iodéOS is based on the LineageOS 18.1 code, it is very different. LineageOS comes as a barbone system, but iodèOS is a rounded, almost complete package, not only visually, but especially in terms of functionality. If the system backup ‘SeedVault’ developed by Calyx is integrated in one of the next iodéOS releases, then it will be the best fork of LineageOS.

A stable LineageOS 16.1 (AOSP 9-Pie) and LineageOS 17.1 (AOSP 10) aka iodéOS 1.x continuously cherished and maintained is quite enough for me. The pressure for LineageOS 18.1 after ASB 11 aka iodéOS 2.0 or now already the thoughts of Android 12, spring from the tiresome zeitgeist ‘always the latest, always more functions, always faster …’ and put the CustomROM developers in unnecessary distress, because they do not have nearly the resources of the giants Google, Huawei or Samsung and can only follow their pace to a limited extent. The media motivate the users, the users push the developers - to constantly innovate and release new versions. This is circulation, which is not far from collapse.

Android 12 will make it even harder for the cumstom ROM scene to stay on the ball. Google is tightening the thumbscrews and building more and more proprietary code into Android, leaving only a meagre Android open source. Already today, the developers including the iodé team have their hands full. And when you consider that their work is done on a voluntary and free basis, their commitment cannot be appreciated highly enough. And as a European, I particularly appreciate software development by a European team of experts in IT security and design: Vive la France, Vive Made in Europe.


Addendum to …

LineageOS requires a manual upgrade from LineageOS 17.1 to 18.1

Manually upgrading LineageOS

TIP: In some cases, a newer LineageOS version may not install due to an outdated recovery. Follow your device’s installation guide to see how you can update your recovery image.

The updater app does not support upgrades from one version of LineageOS to another, and will block installation to any update for a different version. Upgrading manually requires similar steps to installing LineageOS for the first time.

Source: LineageOS Wiki, Aug 1, 2021

/e/OS by, Paris, France, announces the start of /e/ R beta testing for a dozen devices.

These builds will not be available OTA ( over the air )
Testers will need to do a clean flash on their device to install this build

Source… Aug 3, 2021

To date, the /e/ team has not managed to present such a user-friendly upgrade method as the iodé team has with its Updater tool. All /e/OS upgrades, be it from e-Nougat-7 to Oreo-8, Oreo-8 to Pie-9 or Pie-9 to e-Q-10 have to be done manually.

In comparison, you can see the great performance of the iodé team with their updater. :v: :+1: :clap:
An automated user-friendly upgrade is not commonplace with LineageOS Forks.