Nokia 6.1 plus

Bonjour, est il envisagé d’avoir une version iodéOS pour le Nokia 6.1 plus ? J’ai dejà lineage 21 installé mais avec un pb non résolu avec la fonction send message qui ne fonctionne pas en émission.

Excusez moi de répondre en Anglais.

I’ve made an unofficial build for this device (DRG) - see

I also made a build for Nokia 6.1 (2018) PL2 - see

Ok no problem and thanks for your dedicated ROM i’ll test. I would like to know something about this ROM. I use some apps for example to connect my bank or other dedicated ones. Theses apps are available from google store; is it possible to get them with iodé ? Is it possible as well to use whatsapp or such a “standard” apps like android auto, etc… ? As the ROM is based on lineage, i suppose but…

Use aurora store to install playstore apps.
Most Google apps (android auto) will not work

Yes. They should be available via Aurora Store.

Some banking apps will not work that have custom ROMs installed. There is a post in the /e/OS community forums which gives information about banking apps that do or do ot work with /e/OS> If they work with /e/OS, they will probably work with IodéOS. But the only way to be sure is to try :wink:

Is it possible as well to use whatsapp or such a “standard” apps like android auto

WjatsApp definitely works. Some Google apps will work: Maps works fine, and no need to log in to a Google account. Android Auto is problematic, Although it is apparently working under Android 13 versions of /e/OS v2. You could try to follow their instructions to see if it works in IodéOS

There have been zero downloads of this file from SourceForge so, if no-one wants to use the build, I will be removing from SourceForge in the next couple of weeks, as they are hassling me about using too much space.

Sorry i’ll not install it as i need some apps not available in this ROM. Thanks