No smart charging in iode' 4.0?

This weekend I updated my Sony Xperia XZ3 OTA to iode’ 4.0. I thought all was fine till I plugged it into charge and realized after an hour or so that it was charged to 100%. My phone was set with smart charging to stop charging before 100%. I went into the smart charging settings and reset all the preferences to default and then rebooted. Once the battery was in need of charging I again saw that it went to 100% unfortunately.

So it appears that smart charging is not working now. Is there an app that would automatically stop it from charging before it gets to 100% ?


Hi Marty, same here on pixel 6a, although it worked first time after installing a week ago.

after getting my new 6a, i charged the first two times to 100%
now, right now at the moment, i switched to smartcharging with a limit of 90%
will see what happens…

no. it does not stop at upper treshold
charge up to 100%

I don’t know if catching a log would be useful in this case, or if there’s any point; but will give it a go when the battery drops enough to try again. That will probably be tomorrow.

it’s in investigation. we have to wait

It seems that the issue is limited to XZ2, XZ3, Pixel 6a, among all supported devices. A fix has been made for XZ2/XZ3 and a beta build will be available soon. Pixel 6a still under investigations.


I am glad your team got on this so fast -thanks!:+1:

The updated ROM makes this work!