Nice Battery Life (S10e)


How is your battery life with Iode?

I have a exynos Samsung S10e (3000 mah battery).

In general many S10e user reviews say that battery life isn’t very strong, and they may have problems to survive a day with a single charge. Specially with exynos model.

I get like 10h sot. Typically I charge the phone every other day. If I don’t use the phone very much, I can get like 4 days with 3 hours sot. Ok, i keep it offline when I sleep (9h every day) so it saves some juice. But still, I find 3000 mah fully sufficient.

I keep battery saver turned on all the time. I have granted rights for background usage for apps, which need push notifications. Like Whatsapp, Signal and Fairmail. Everything is working nicely. I don’t sacrifice any functionality. I doubt battery saver gives significantly more juice in my case (have used the phone also without battery saver), but maybe a little more.

I don’t know, whether my battery was new or old, when i purchased this phone from Iode shop (oktober 2021). Sometimes I wonder, what the battery health and charge cycle counts might be at this point. If I lose 20% of the current capacity, I still can go easily one to two days with a single charge,

EU is planning removable batteries to be obligatory somewhere around 2026. Interesting to see, is it possible to survive with this phone and battery until then. It makes sense next time to choose a phone with swappable battery.


That’s one of the reasons why I bought the Fairphone 4. :wink:

Yes, that’s a very nice phone. But I personally prefer something compact and light. Hopefully selection will improve in the coming years. :blush:

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It is said that li-ion batteries last well 500-1000 cycles.

If i charge every other day from 30% to 100%, it is 0,7 cycles. 365 / 2 x 0,7 = 127 cycles per year.

So 4 years to 500 cycles. And if capasity is then ~80% from original, I think I still can go several years. From 8-10 h sot to 6-8 h sot is still pretty generous for a single day.

I have a Nexus 7 2013 (10 years old now). I remember that battery health reaading is somewhere between 75-80%. Don’t remember how many cycles and I don’t charge it very often.