Next official release: important information

Dear community,

The next release (5.2, 4.13, 2.23) is coming soon. It has been delayed a bit due to some difficulties for integrating google’s QPR3 changes in LineageOS. There are two important changes in iodéOS (apart improvements here and there, notably in the blocker):

  • QKSMS, the text messaging app, will be replaced by Fossify Messages. QKSMS is not maintained any longer, so time has come to change. The new app is simply called “Messages” in the app drawer. Of course all your conversations will be kept (they are not stored in the messaging app data, but in a common place for all SMS messaging apps). If you miss QKSMS, you can still retrieve it in f-droid.
  • Due to the migration to our own server, the f-droid repository database must be rebuilt from scratch. This will be done automatically, with two consequences. The first one is that the repositories you manually added to the f-droid app will be lost: you will have to add them again, we are sorry for the inconvenience. The second consequence is that the repository rebuild may fail, yielding an empty app list. If that happens, the whole f-droid data must be cleared (long press on f-droid icon, go to App info, Storage & cache, then clear storage).

Thanks for using iodéOS!

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