New devices (Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10e | S10+ | Note 10 | Note 10+) supporting iodéOS 2 (Android 11)

You will find the installation process here
You can also directly buy refurbished phones with iodéOS 2 preinstalled here


Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (going to be) supported? The hardware appears almost identical to the other S10.

I am happy to read that.
I hope to read such good news for the Fairphone 4 soon.
I’m on hot coals and can not wait soon…
iodé on the FP4 is currently my biggest wish

Note10 & Note10+


  1. Update the stock firmware to the latest

Since January 2022, Android 12 is the latest stock firmware.

Is it possible to install iodèOS Android 11 build 20220126 for Note 10 (d1) and Note 10+ (d2s) without any problems or do I’ve to roll back to Stock Android 11 first?

I cannot tell on these devices (did not experiment myself), but generally it is required to flash back previous stock rom… Effectively, our flashing instructions are a bit unclear on this point and should be updated to mention “Update latest stock android 11 firmware”, or maybe a more generic formulation like “Update latest stock firmware of the same android version than the iodéOS build you want to flash”. Still a bit unclear though :wink:

I did not experiment, but immediately downgraded to last stock Android 11 and then without problems iodéOS 2.3 installed. The user is thrilled. Thank you for your commitment.

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