Need help to build IodéOS for Poco F3 alioth

Hello everybody.

I used to own a Mi9 and was running IodéOS on it, was very satisfied with it.

My new phone is now a Poco F3 (alioth), which is officially supported by Lineage OS team.

I am not an expert but anyway, I’d like to give a try to build a custom Iodé OS for my new phone.
As official Lineage 19.1 builds exist, I assume such a Iodé custom build might be possible and not too complicated to achieve.

I know I can follow the existing tutorial on Iodé Gitlab to build environment and sync Iodé sources on an Ubuntu instance.
But when it comes to kernel/device tree/vendor, it becomes a bit too complicated for me.

Could anybody give me some tips for this please ? I would really appreciate.

Thanks. Regards.