My os is unofficial? S9+ iode 4.11

Hi, I just updated my Samsung Galaxy s9+ to version 4.10 and then 4.11 through the updater.

I want to patch the image with magisk so I went to GitHub to download my os file and for that I looked at the settings to see what version did I have.

It says “4-20240424-UNOFFICIAL-star2lte”

I was surprised because it says unofficial but anyways went to try and download it but I can’t find it in GitHub. I did find higher version numbers that I apparently can’t access through the updater though

So I’m interested in knowing why does it say it’s unofficial, where can I download my os file zip file, and why are the higher versions not appearing in the updater.


Hi, You can find all versions here: star2lte · Releases · iodeOS/ota · GitHub.

Yes, that’s where I was searching, but version


Is not there

Are you on beta channel?

I installed long time ago so I don’t remember, but I don’t recall doing that. I’m not a developer so if I did I did my mistake hmm how can I change to stable?