My experiences with iode' 1.2. on a Sony Xperia XZ1

I’ve installed iode’ 1.2 on my Sony Xperia XZ1 and I like it a lot. Everything almost works just fine and over the last week it’s been stable. At first it couldn’t pick up my phone service because my provider (Ting) now uses VoLTE so it needed my data working and it wasn’t because the APN wasn’t configured properly (my fault). It picked up my phone # but wouldn’t allow me to make phone calls.

Ting provides APN setup configurations for Data and another for Tethering. I wanted to do both so I put both APN setups into the iode’ phone but it got confused and wouldn’t set up my phone or data on a reboot. I found out that the data needs to be setup and working before trying to add tethering. I still haven’t tried to add a tethering APN as I haven’t needed it but now my phone works as expected.

The other thing that doesn’t work right is with SOME text messages sent from from a friend of mine. He has a different provider than Ting. I chatted with Ting and they said that they haven’t got their network fully working with Android 10. My SIM thinks their network is TMobile and there seems to be no way for me to change that. I’d say at least 7 other people have no problem sending me text messages and even with that 1 person that I can’t get texts from, he can see my text messages sent.

Everything else seems to work just fine. My Bluetooth speaker connects just fine. Audio from the headphone jack and speakers is fine. Accelerated graphics from video streams work just fine. Front and back cameras work fine along with recorded video. WiFi is steady.

I’m used to using rooted ROMs to do everything this non-rooted ROM does. Rooted ROMs seem to be questionable now, so this ROM gives me peace of mind that nothing is open that shouldn’t be.

The only thing I don’t like is the keyboard because it has OpenBoard and they haven’t implemented glide typing. I installed the FOSS FlorisBoard because I read the it’s an open source app that uses glide typing. I found it in F-Droid but it doesn’t glide all the time and has no predictive wording like OpenBoard.

So hopefully this helps someone. I was getting ready to call it quits on this OS when my phone didn’t work but got it working.


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Can you confirm VoLTE is functioning. I believe you already have but want to be 100% sure. Thanks.

VoLTE is working fine.


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