Multiple camera lenses don't work anymore (also: F-Droid downgrades don't work and comment on release notes)


My main issue is, that ever since I updated the Camera App yesterday (from 1.50.1-iode.8 to 1.51.1-iode.9) I can’t use wide lense anymore on my FairPhone 4. Is this a know issue?

In the process I tried to downgrade to the previous version to get back the functionality (This was a common and working practice for me on other Android devices)
But I got “Error -25: The new package has an older version code than the currently installed package.”. Tried downgrading another (non-Iode-specific) app with the same result.
Since “an older version code” is to be expected when downgrading I can only assume, that downgrading is somehow blocked/banned/barred by IodéOS (or actually the pre-installed F-Droid).
If this is intentional I would respectfully but strongly like to speak out against it. I don’t see any benefit to block users from downgrading and it feels very much not “in control” to be stuck with a new and apparently buggy version of an app.

Coincidentally it was yesterday during the upgrade that said to myself that would really really really like to have some sort of release notes. I am one of those guys that actually reads that stuff and wants to learn about new features and things that was dropped…
There is no “changes” link in F-Droid, no update notes in the description and there is nothing in your “news” app. Is there any channel that I might have missed?

Obviously not having any info about the change-set and not being able to downgrade is a particularly nasty mixture :wink:

Sorry about the nagging (and about stuffing 3 issues into one thread). And thank you for your great work.

Wide-angle on iodé v3 for FP4 requires a special permission that was not imported into the newer version of OpenCamera. We deployed a new version fixing that. This permission will be removed from OpenCamera when iodéOS v4 will be officially released, as the issue with wide-angle will be solved in another way.

It is not possible to downgrade apps on the latest versions of Android, for security reasons. It is however possible to uninstall updates and come back to the preinstalled version (by long-tap on app icon, go to app info, three-dots menu top-right), and then you will be able to install all versions subsequent to the preinstalled one.

We actually provide changelogs only for system upgrades, and limit them to the main modifications we make. More detailed changelogs can be found in all the parts that we assemble together to form iodéOS: you can check Android changelog, LineageOS changelog, and all apps changelogs. For OpenCamera it can be found here: Open Camera History. For all embedded apps, we only communicate when we make important modifications.