More Sony supported devices please!

I love iode’ and have used it now for 2 years on various Sony phones. Currently I have the newest supported Sony Xperia XZ3 phone running iode’ 3.3 and it’s awesome but from 2018. I’d like to request development on a newer Sony Xperia phone.

Thanks!! :grinning:

I would prefer to see development on older Sony (and other manufacturer models. For me the main purpose of custom ROMs is to prolong the useful life of phones that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Junking phones which are still perfectly functional and replacing with the latest model is unsustainable and unjustifiable.

There are several devices supported by LOS 18 / Android 11 which would be excellent targets for iodéOS

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Would love to see the XZ2 compact become supported. :slight_smile: