Mobile network issues and questions

Hi there.
I have a Samsung S10e. Which means, as far as I know, no VoLTE available and no VoWIFI available on LineageOS
Basically my phone switches back to 3G when I have to make or get a phone call.
3G network is somewhat unreliable at home, so sometimes I have to force 2G in order to be able to use my phone.

I noticed that with the latest updates I’m no longer able to force 2G from the setting menu.
So I have to go to phone info menu by typing ##4636## and then select GSM mode to force 2G.
This is a bummer. I supposed this is not iodé choice, but rather Lineageos or Android.

Also, in phone info I now have “VoLTE provisioned” “Video Calling Provisioned” and “Wifi Calling Provisioned” selectors available (they used to be greyed out). I can enable them, but they won’t stick.
Are these feature now available for Samsung, or is it just false hope?


In Germany the 3G network was switched off in 2021.
When I call, it goes back to e… automatically!!!
You could always switch it on in the phone information… but it has no effect.
Unfortunately, Samsung probably won’t have it because they don’t release it.