Missing updates on samsung S9


I have a samsung S9 that received the news of updates but in the update app there is no update available.
This has been already two versions away that I didnt get updates.

What can I do ?


I got update news in the news app just recently; which is long after the updates were released.

According to iode page for S9 I see you should be on 4.7-20231119. So you are on 4.5?

Things to check:

Check the updater app has network access in the iode blocker.

Long press updater icon to access app info. Check network access is allowed. If all ok so far, then try deleting storage for updater and relaunch it.

Still no go? Launch updater and check the preferences in 3 dot menu, top right of screen: make sure Auto updates allowed.

If all that doesn’t fix it you can download the firmware zip (from the link above) to your phone and perform a local update in the updater app.

Good luck!

When I experienced such an issue a few weeks ago, I was still running iodéOS 2.15. It was then, that I realized that iodéOS 2.x was no longer supported and I had to upgrade to iodéOS 4.x.

So, as chrisrg asked already, what iodéOS version are you currently running?


I get iodé update notices, too… and I’m running an unofficial Sony build. :slight_smile:
(Of course, I have to go download the update myself from the hosting site.)

actual version is 2.15
exact model is SM-G960F

no blocking from iodee blocker
acces to network allowed
auto updates allowed in settings already

does local update as advised as any risk of bricking the phone if done from 2.15 ?

how to do local updated in the updater app ??

there is no such option visible…

it may be wise to add the version number in the news update app so we can easily follow by the numbers…

I misunderstood your original post, sorry. So as you are two actual versions behind (wow) the local update is not possible. It is a recent addition to the updater.

I’m not sure how to advise in this case. Upgrading from iode 2 to 3 may have required some particular steps, I don’t know. Depends what the final stock android version for the S9 was maybe.

EDIT, more info: Search of the forum with keywords upgrade S9 brings up some relevant topics/posts.

In particular see this one:

Hi Guillaume,

before you get into action upgrading your OS, please decide, if you really want to upgrade or if you want to stay with your current no-longer supported iodéOS version. Remember, once you have installed the first upgrade, you will no longer be able to go back to the old iodéOS 2.15. The firmware of your S9 does not allow a downgrade. And when you decide to upgrade, there is no guarantee of success. You may end up with a bricked smartphone (sorry, this is the usual disclaimer).

As already mentioned by chrisrg, the upgrade from iodéOS 2.15 to iodéOS 4.x requires a mandatory “Format Data/factory reset”. All of your data will be deleted. So, before the upgrade

  1. Backup your data to an independent storage (e.g. external SD card) with seedvault integrated with iodéOS 2.15.

  2. Backup your data also with another backup program to an independent storage (if possible), so that you have a second source. I have used NeoBackup from F-Droid on a rooted S9.

  3. Backup the data of all important apps to an independent storage using the export features of these apps. Many apps meanwhile have a corresponding export and import capability.

Then follow the instructions on the iodé installation page in section SAMSUNG > S9, S9+ & Note9. Note, a firmware update is not necessarily needed. I did not update the firmware of my S9. Note as well, if you are familiar with TWRP, you may install TWRP 3.7.0 instead of the default iodé recovery.

When after the installation, the new iodéOS 4.x is booting, allow seedvault to restore your backup data (1st restore step). After a successful start of the new system, restore any data from your 2nd backup (2nd restore step) and import exported data of individual apps (3rd restore step).

Hope I did not forget any important step.

Good luck

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