Missing Night Light on 4.2 [starlte]

It was there on 4.1 and my XZ2 still has it on 4.2.

It is under Display → LiveDisplay → Display mode. You don’t see it ?

I see it but the quick toggle is missing. Something I’ve been using since before it was even called Night Light. Hence why I mentioned Night Light and not “Display Mode (Night) under LiveDisplay”.

Ok I see. This is a redundant feature, removed in favor of LiveDisplay in Lineage. So sorry, no quick toggle for it.

After taking another look, I don’t see no reason why it disappeared. It will be available again in next release.

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@Toast in today’s new beta version it’s back…also with a schedule😀

Just wanted to comment, that i did use the same function with (on demand) manual turning on the “Night Light”.
Highly appreciated that it will come back. Thanks for this!