Mise à jour firefox pas de lectures vidéos

Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Suite à la dernière mise à jour (17 mars) le navigateur IODE ne sait plus lire les vidéos en ligne. YouTube ou daily motion.
Le téléchargement de firefox origine sur Aurora store donne le même résultat.
Un autre navigateur installé, Opéra, fonctionne bien pour ces lectures.
J’ai vidé le cash de “navigateur” sans succès.
Les cookies sont autorisé
La désactivation des protections de pistage ne change rien.
Pas d’occurrences en recherches en ligne.
Merci pour toute suggestion.

if i go to the url “m.youtube.com” in iodé browser i can play all videos.
latest iodé browser

I tried again, it still doesn’t work.“an error occurred…”
thank you for your reply

does your iodé app (firewall) block anything?

indeed, the Iode app blocks quite a few requests. however, disabling the protections does not change anything!

OK, don’t know what happens with you.
Why it is not working with all firefox based browsers but not with chrome based…

OK. thank you for your involvement. maybe more suggestions coming from the community?

We are working on a fix for this problem. An update of iodéOS will be out very soon, there’s nothing you can do on your own.

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@vince31fr is this just a problem of teracube?

Yes it is specific to the 2e second batch, related to video decoder access to a kernel device node.

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All clear. Thanks for the info.
Since I could have tried to help for a long time, if I can not reproduce the problem on the FP4… :rofl:

@aquitaine could the new update solve your problems on teracube?

hello, no new update available from the “update” app. still no video playback.:frowning:

As Antoine wrote in another thread, the OTA has been slightly delayed. It will be available very soon.