microG: Problems with Apps after last Update

After the last update, some apps no longer work,
E.g. S-ID-Check:
“App download not trustworthy”.
Driverslog Pro:
“To use Driverslog Pro, Play services are required that are not supportet on your device.”

My microG Settings are default:
Google Device Registration: Off
Cloud Messageing: Off
Google SafteyNet: Off

Whats going wrong?

Have you looked at the self check part of the microg setiings to make sure all checkboxes ticked?

Yes, all checkboxes are ticked.

It is probably the last update from the “Fake Store”.
Does anyone use the S-ID-Check app and can check it?

Check the permissions in the fake store app information? Make sure “spoof package signature” is allowed.

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Good point, yes is allowed.
But here I saw under “Preinstalled Applications” “Services microG” that there was a download symbol next to the “Fake Store”, although it was already installed.
I did the download and restarted the device. Afterwards, at least “Driverslog Pro” works again.
“S-ID-Check” still has the same problem, but maybe they changed something too…

I can run the app on iode-4.4 but I’m unable to test it any further than that as it’s not a relevant app for me in the UK!

Have you tried just deleting all the storage data in the app and starting the app setup again? Or maybe that’s not possible if you may lose some information; I don’t know how it works.

App version is 2.3.1-prod, by the way…

Cleaning data and cache didn’t help.
Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
It’s working now … for whatever reason …



Je rencontre un problème avec microG.
Sur F-Droid, lorsque je lance l’installation, le téléchargement se réalise mais j’ai un échec avant même l’installation (sans message d’erreur)

Merci d’avance,

English would be easier for all, thx

… a failure even before the installation (without error message) … ???
You should describe it in more detail…

An error before installation?
How can this be possible?

I dont understand french…

Me neither, translated it with Lingva a Firefox Addon …
(Privacy focused Google Translations powered by Lingva)

Ok, but keeping discussions international english would always the better choice

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Bonjour, une mise à jour du système à la dernière version devrait résoudre ce problème.


Further to my previous message, here are some more details.

Here are the specifications of the phone:
Samsung A5 2017
iodeOS version: 2.14
Android version: 11

I’m having a problem with microG. I’ve noticed that when I use certain applications they don’t show me a map, for example, with the following message: “the service doesn’t work without Google Play services which are currently being updated”. Previously, the map was displayed without difficulty on this application (in my case, it’s the BBC Daily application).

So I try to download the latest version of microG but it always fails.

microG Services Core (from F-Droid) version (a749fe4):
The download works but when it comes to installing it reverts to the original situation and the application is not installed (the blue button says “install”).

In Settings > Applications and Notifications > Preinstalled Applications > microG Services: The 3 applications are correctly installed (FakeStore, microG Services Core, microG Services Framework Proxy)

I restarted the phone, cleared the memory caches… but to no avail.

Hopefully everything is clear!
Thanks for your help,


Suite à mon message précédent, voici plus de précisions.

Voici les caractéristiques du téléphone :
Samsung A5 2017
Version iodéOS : 2.14
Version Android : 11

Je rencontre un problème avec microG. Je m’en suis rendu compte lorsque j’utilise certaines applications qui ne m’affichent pas par exemple une carte avec le message suivant : “le service ne fonctionne pas sans les services Google Play qui sont en cours de mise à jour”. Avant la carte s’affichait sans difficulté sur cette application (dans mon cas ici, il s’agit de l’application BBC Daily)

J’essaye donc de télécharger la dernière version de microG mais j’ai systématiquement un échec.

microG Services Core (depuis F-Droid) version (a749fe4):
Le téléchargement fonctionne mais au moment de l’installation cela revient à la situation d’origine et l’application n’est pas installé (le bouton bleu indique “installer”)

Dans Paramètres > Applications et notifications > Applications préinstallées > Services microG : Les 3 applications sont bien installées (FakeStore, microG Services Core, microG Services Framework Proxy)

J’ai redémarré le téléphone, j’ai vidé les caches… mais sans succès.

En espérant que tout est clair !