MicroG google Sync S10e 3.1

maybe i’m just too stupid for this but…

I have added my regular google account, thanks to mircoG service.

why I cannot sync my contacts and calendar from google?

is there anyone else with this phenomenon?
is there a suggested solution to this?

microG does not implement synchronization from a google account. It just permits to use applications that require a google account. To synchronize your google contacts and calendar, you can use apps like DAVx5, but it is not easy to set it up for google accounts and I don’t even know if that actually works, due to recent authentification restrictions from google.
I would suggest you to export your data from your google account and import it in your phone, and use another cloud (based on NextCloud for example) to backup them.

deGoogled Custom ROMs like iodéOS try their best to stop Google’s shameless data grabbing - and you get the brazen Google ghosts back into your Galaxy S10e. Anyone who can understand that. I can’t.

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how or with what do you synchronize your contacts?
I am always open for suggestions


I’m storing pictures, videos, calendar and contacts on my synology nas. Everything is synchronized automatically. In particular davx5 takes care of contacts and calendar.

Some mail providers also allow you to store your contacts and calendars with them (if you trust them). I, for example, use posteo.de and I used to sync my contacts / calendars using DavX5 without any problems.

Another possibility would be a Nextcloud, either rented or selfhosted, to work as your Contact / Calendar Server.

What you want to look for is the possibility to use CalDAV and CardDAV.

owndrive.com offer a free tier of their hosted NextCloud, with 1GB of storage, which is more than enough for Contacts, Calendar, and quite a large number of Notes. I’ve been using them for several years, and I’ve been very happy with their service

if you prefer a german hoster: