Malicious recipients not blocked

I have doubts about idoda blocker, which shows these messages:
“Malicious recipients with enhanced protection cannot be blocked”.
For example, in k-9 mail it detects several authorized connections to * and *
With Tracker Control enabled some are locked and identified. For example:
Total: 5170 blocked vs 152 authorized
Would you know what it is? Is it safe to manually block these connections attempts that could not be stopped? If they are known to be ‘malicious’, why are they not blocked in iode-blocker?
A greeting and thank you

Are you logged in in the iode blocker or are you using it as the free version?

iodéOS Premium account: Active suscription.

I think it is because you have not selected enhanced protection (is that reinforced?) for whichever app is getting this. It’s informational in the Protection Level part of the blocker homescreen.

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You think well. I thought that activating the subscription automatically switched to enhanced protection. But it doesn’t.
I looked in the settings and manually chose ‘reinforced’ as you told me.
Thank you.