Make the Bixby button turn on the flashlight

When I decided to flash Iode on my Samsung s10e I was hoping that in addition to the obvious incredible features of Iode :muscle: the Bixby button would be able to turn on the flashlight :flashlight:
Currently, the Bixby button can be configured to perform 9 different functions, but unfortunately, turning on the flashlight is not among them.

Is there any possibility to make the Bixby button turn on the flashlight? Maybe in future updates? :smiley:


I would like to see that feature as well, especially the ability to long press even if the screen is off
(same as is already possible with the power button - which isn’t ideal for the S10e with integrated fingerprint reader in the power button)

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Which one is the Bixby button on the S10e? The one on the lower left side?
And where in the settings is the configuration for this button?

yes, on the left below the volume rocker
you can change it in settings / system / buttons (could be named a bit differently, my phone isn’t set to english)
It’s identified as the menu button

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Would be a great feature. It would also be great if it would be possible to start a specific app with the bixby button

This can be done using the Key Mapper app from the FDroid store. Key Mapper | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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thanks for the tip, the app works great. do you have experience if the app affects the battery life?
the app must apparently always be active in the background

I don’t think it uses a lot of background processing, it is also not listed as an active app in the android 13 active app thingy.
But I don’t know for sure, i have other apps (messengers without push services) that for sure use a lot more.

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@WaxMei : thank you very much for that “Key Mapper” hint, this solves at least the original request related to “flashlight” very easily.

What also came into my mind is for the camera having an optionto use “Bixby” as trigger for a photo (while having Volume+/- for zoom)…have played around with “Key Mapper” and my result was it’s only working via coordinates - which is ok.

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