Location services issues with MLS

I moved place 5 months ago. By default iode uses MLS (Mozilla Location Services). When I connected the old access point the location that shows is my old home. I’ve been using Tower collector which sends info back to both MLS and OpenCellID, but still the location of the AP has been misleading.

Can other location services be used on Microg other than Mozilla’s? Seems to me that some of these projects are starting to be abandoned. At least other services may give me the right location.

If you check the website there are less and less clients to upload location data to MLS


Since a couple of months, microG only supports mozilla location services, which have been integrated at its core. External NLP can no longer be used.

Thanks for the answer. Will keep trying to update MLS.

Btw, a NLP similar to DejaVu / Local NLP backend has also been integrated (check location settings in microG). You can make microG learn your position from GPS, which will, a priori, fix errors from MLS.

Actually I have this enabled. How to reset this local data? Maybe is part of the issue.