List of Phones with preinstalled Iodé OS


would it be possible to have a list of smartphones (sold by Iodé) with preinstalled IodéOS which have working Wifi call / VoWIFI?

thank you!

check on iode os site

wifi call is never mention on the website

i think its dosesnt matter which phone you choose. Wifi calling was included in older android versions i think in 8 or 9 version. For example my mi9 have this option with stock rom but i dont remember if this option was included on mi9 with iode because i never used that option.

It does.
On my Samsung s10e it doesn’t work and from what I’ve read, it might not work on any samsung phone because the technology is proprietary.
I wondered whether other brands would allow it with Iodé…

My device (Xperia XZ1 Compact) and operator (EE UK) both support WiFi calling (and Internet calling / VoLTE).

Both worked fine with /e/OS and LineageOS for microG. With my unofficial build of IodéOS there does not seem to be any way of enabling it. So I would be surprised if it works on other devices running IodéOS

Thank you.
Can you please elaborate on the difference between unofficial/official IodéOS?
Or maybe IodéOS vs eOS, LineageOS etc