Likelihood of Fairphone 5 support?

Recently it has been heavily rumoured that the Fairphone 5 will be announced at the end of this month (August 30th) following teases across their social media accounts. Historically iodé have supported Fairphone devices and (correct me if I’m wrong) even seem to be selling the Fairphone 4 new - one of the few devices this option exists for. However, the iodéOS device list has not been expanded for quite some time, so with all of this in mind I was wondering what the likelihood of support for a new Fairphone would be.

I appreciate that until the phone is actually confirmed and released you cannot share any firm details, but I was hoping you could provide an indication of whether iodé is interested in the possibility of offering support for the next Fairphone. Cheers!

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It is LOS that must first be available.
For FP4 it took ages.
So be sure, that there will be no custom ROM before 2024