Kid settings

I bought this phone specifically for the kid settings. But my wife can’t set it up! Can someone please make a video on how to do this please!
Many thanks

There is a tutorial here: How to setup an iodé phone to protect your child? - iodé
It should be sufficient to set up the basic kid protection.
Did you try to follow it?

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I found this before, but it is way to technical.
Just a simple 10 minutes youtube video would be great.
Already thanks

Just reatd the article in less than 5 minutes. Great and shortly discribed, thanks for that!

@Mac, which part is to technical, or on which part do you need additional information?

Give the phone to someone that you know, ask them to set up the kid settings! give them the same website as an instruction.
And then you will see the same result!
For a technical person this is probably easy, but for many of it is not.
A clear video, with all the options of the kid settings, and how to set it up.
Would be great​:+1::+1:

However, it can also be dangerous to simply imitate things without understanding the technique, at least in the basics.
Especially when it comes to the safety and privacy of my children, I would at least like to understand what I am setting and to what extent I am protecting them with it. Simply relying on a system that promises security, but I don’t understand what’s going on in this system, would not be enough for me. A video alone that shows how to set parameters cannot do this.

who gives you the certainty that the person who posts the video doesn’t want to do exactly the opposite and opens the device for malicious intent if you don’t understand what he’s showing and you should just copy it?
Protecting his data and privacy takes some work and effort, and protecting his children even more. This should be worth it. Just take something ready-made in the hope: “It will be fine” is too naive.

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Iode advertises the kid setting, so instead of my kids Murena phone i bought this phone.
I like this option, stop the kid from being a phone zombie.
I just need it to work
Without me being an IT specialist