Keyboard options

What keyboards do people recommend? I have discovered AnySoft Keyboard, but what else is good?


I recommand OpenBoard :slight_smile:

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There’re a few good keybaord apps, one is Openboard:

and the other is FlorisBoard

Both are good and, perhaps, better than AnySoft Keyboard.

Thanks for suggestions of OpenBoard, I had tried OpenBoard but kept having issue where it would reset where the curser was so I would find the end of a sentence near the beginning of what I was typing.only seemed to happen with OpenBoard!

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Give that Florisboard a shot, it may suit what you’re after more.
Can easily uninstall it if not :smiley:

Hi everyone,

has anybody managed to get any swipe keyboard running? I mean those where you drag your finger from one letter to the next.

At least for me OpenKeyboard can’t seem to do it and I’ve found no setting to achieve that.

Then I’ve tried the “Jelly Bean Keyboard” I’ve been using on my old phone. Would type, but not swipe.

And most recently I’ve even installed the swipe keyboard from Microsoft - same result (type, but no swipe).

So… what’s this? At least the MS thingy should have worked. Is this some restriction on Android, LineageOS or even iodé that I first need to deactivate?

I think the only two FOSS swipe keyboard as of now are anysoftkeyboard and florisboard.
I am using swipe type with anysoftkeyboard right now, but not perfect… I have to check florisboard to compare…

OK. Did you have to do any sort of magic before swiping was working? It’s really not working on my phone. Neither anysoft nor floris…
The keyboards are presented in the applicable languages - all fine - except swiping. An attempt to swipe is interpreted on clicking only the last letter I touch before lifting the finger.

Update: I was able to use swiping with the Microsoft keyboard only. Had to allow it internet access in the beginning to download language packs for my desired input languages. Before actually typing anything I locked it up again.

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Hi, I can’t find any keyboard supplied by Microsoft. Could you please clarify which one are you using to give it a try? Thanks

This one here:

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Thank you mate, this keyboard is fantastic. I was having too much pain with the FOSS anysoftkeyboard. Blocked internet access and no traffic showing in iodé firewall :metal:

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