Issue // PDF attachements do no open in P=P mailapp

Already posted in Beta Tester Group, but I think it’s maybe better here to have it accessible for everyone.

Combination of P=P mail and PDF viewer Plus
Both preinstalled apps
If i try to open an attached pdf file I get only the dialogue of the screenshot.

I cannot choose PDF viewer. Only OsmAnd, AntennaPod and Magic Earth.
Which make no sense for PDFs :wink:

If I download the PDF, I can open it via files app or Ghostcommander.
It opens directly in PDF viewer without any selection menu.

So inline in P=P it is not working. Externally no problem.

Already doublechecked and confirmed from Patrik.

Not only on FP4
Using Beta 20220226


@vince31fr and @Antoine
Is it OK to post issues here, or better leave it in Telegram group?

Began to investigate this one, but no idea yet. What’s strange is that pdf attachments open well on some devices (it does on my daily driver…).

It’s better to post issues on our gitlab, here :