Is Iodé V4 for Samsung S9+ recommended for daily use?


I have a Samsung S9+ which I would like to use with Iodé. The readme refers to V3 but afaict V4 is also available. Is Iodé V4 on a Samsung S9+ ready for daily use? Or should I use V3. The phone will be used by a non-technical person.

Thank you for your help and for Iodé!

There are users in chat group, using it as daily driver

Which chat group? Where can I find it?


Matrix (Telegram Bridge)

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It’s stable as long as you don’t need bluetooth.

I’ve installed the latest version (april 1st) and thus far it seems to work fine including pairing with Bluetooth speaker & playing music. What are the issues you’ve encountered @Cristof?

Thanks for sharing! I’ve installed it and thus far works as expected.

For me BT devices that require code for pairing don’t work. So headphones work fine but my sport watch and my car charger do not. I will wait till next update and if it’s still broken I’m going back to iode 3.