Is anyone able to access on the preinstalled browser?

I disabled ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ for this website but it still does not display the page.

(I posted this on the iodé group on Reddit but it didn’t get any reply)

Yes, for me with no problem. Mobile Internet, The Netherlands. I use to go to “Settings / Netwrok and Internet / Internet”. Then you can press the button in the right upper corner of the screen. Your internet connections - WiFi and Mobile - will be completely reset.
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No problems accessing that site for me. Enhanced tracking protection is set to ‘Standard’

Now this is interesting! I get this:

I also have Enhanced tracking set to Standard. @Guillermo it’s doing the same for Wifi and for mobile. I don’t think there an issue with my network.

Thank for your reply.
The problem you are facing has to do the internet connection. I use
Than I can change IP, country :slight_smile:

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You are right @Guillermo . the problem is related to the internet. In some countries, I can see the website fine

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