Is Android Auto working?

Hello everyone :grin:

I’m considering installing IodéOS and I was wondering if someone can confirm that Android Auto works :relaxed:
I’d like to get free from the Xiaomi default OS but I really need Android Auto connected to the infotainment system of my car

Not working

Oof. Thank you, I’ll keep an eye on the project
I’ll give it a shot once Google apps start working

It won’t start working in iodé by design

I really hope that this will not happen.

Android Auto for Google is a discontinued model. Every time a user opens the app, the message “Android Auto for smartphone displays will soon stop working” appears.

As an aside, Auto Android version 9.0.630834-release has implemented only one tracker, but - requires 59(!) (fifty-nine) permissions. Permissions are actions that the application can perform on your phone. This opens the door for Auto Android to deGoogled iodéOS system by Google LLC, USA.

Possible alternatives of Android Auto , some with advertising, are not a bit better (functions not tested by me):

AutoMate: 3 tracker 39 permissions (3/39).
AutoZen (3/27)
Drivemod: (9/50)
Waze (3/40)
Auto Dashboard (4/25)

Google has made it convenient and comfortable for users with Android Auto. But the price for that is the loss of privacy.

Bit late maybe but I’ve just made android auto work on Iode 4.4. You need to be rooted though and flash a stub in magisk. A guide and the zip to do this can be found here: GitHub - sn-00-x/aa4mg: Android Auto 4 microG

For android Auto to work you’ll also need the text to speech stub (available in the same package) and google maps and the google app. These need to be installed for Android Auto to launch but they don’t need to actually work or be connected. So I just installed them and then disabled all their permissions and network access. This way I can have android auto with waze and revanced youtube music in my car without the disadvantages. Hope this helps and can convince you to give Iode a try. Really loving the ROM.

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