IodeOS4.1 S9 cannot set up screen lock


I just received S9 today from iode, but I cannot set up the screen lock. When I choose a screen lock such as pattern, pin and password and enter it. then there is a message saying settings keep stopping, or the current screen lock remains as none. Please advise. Thank you very much.

Write e-mail to iode support.

That’s strange: no one else reported that issue, and there are a lot of s9 users out there. Maybe something got wrong during the flash of system.
I suggest you to install the latest beta version, which seems to be actually as stable as an official release, by following instructions here: beta · master · iode / ota · GitLab

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Thank you [dejw666] and [vince31fr]. I have installed the latest beta version as advised by [vince31fr] but still failed to set up the screen lock, so I write e-mail to iode support now.

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Maybe try flash official ROM and after this flash iode os.

Update: The support term has sent an email on 9th May asking if l would like to take the phone back for a diagnosis and exchange(Thank you for the support term). I have further explained the problem on the same date and would like to send the phone back for a diagnosis and exchange. However, I have not received their reply and I am still waiting for them telling me the return procedure.