IodeOS Update from 3.11 to 4.7

Today I get the notification for update to iodeOS 4.7.

I am using an Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5 G.

Is there some experience how this works with this phone type?
I am normaly wait an while and take care bevor doing major updates.

i’m still using for several days the 4.7 beta without issues
all works

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IodeOS 4.7 runs on the Sony XA2 without any problems.

Could you please post the latest version 4.7 for the Sony XA2 on the download page? I would like to flash on the second XA2 from Lineage and not install an older version first.

Thank you

The installation package is already in the download page:

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after the update from 3.11 to 4.7 my updater stopped working. there is an error message saying “The update check failed. Please check your internet connection and try again later.” Although internet is working in all other apps with no problems.
i am also using a Xiaomi 10 Lite 5g

hi… have you checked in the iode blocker and in the system settings whether the network is enabled for the updater?

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yes i checked, thanks, unfortunately this isn’t the issue. network is enabled in the iode blocker and also network permission is enabled in the app settings. i also tried to clear the app storage and cache. now i’m a bit clueless.

Thank you,

but the official download link for the XA2 sends you here: Release iodéOS 3.x for Sony XA2 · iodeOS/ota · GitHub

on my monet, I used first 4.7 beta from november, 15th and now newest from 19th without issues
updater is working well
but i am using beta updater. don’t know if there is any difference…

May be, this is also my problem on the existing XA2 and now also on the newly flashed XA2.

The updater reports:

The search for updates has failed. Please check the internet connection and try…

If all network connections are allowed and the iode blocker doesn’t block anything, deleting the cache and storage has always been successful in all reported cases.
Have you entered a filtering private DNS that might still cause problems?

You’re right

I’ve deleted the beta updater to be back on normal one

And yes, I’ve the same issues: Not internet connect!

Strange! Something happend

But I don’t want to be right… is entered on the existing XA2.
The original setting after installation is on the newly flashed one.

both otas are available for monet
both in the beta ota channel and the stable ota channel
both the same file size

installed beta updater again, and it works again

I think @vince31fr has to troubleshoot

the requests of the updater are going only to gitlab and i think no filtered dns resolver will block requests to gitlab, normally

Links are updated.

Added the ota config file to the v4 repo, the updater should answer normally (i.e. no update, as you’re already on v4).

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yes, works again

Hmmm, how can I get the correct updater now?

Yes, anyone?