iodéOS + Teracube 2E

Today we’re happy to have partnered with Teracube and successfully ported iodéOS to the 2E!

If you are interested in the combination of iodéOS+2E you can either follow the installation process or directly buy a iodé 2E in our e-shop.


Will Smart Charging be fixed on the next Teracube 2e release?

Yes it should be fixed now with the latest release

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Maybe the next release? I am on 1.3, July 29, 2021 and it still isn’t functioning (smart charging).

Should I open issue in Gitlab or is it already documented?


Edit: The limitations of replaceable batteries? Not much of a big deal. Gitlab response, “Smart charging cannot actually work on 2e. It will be removed from the settings in next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Happy to report the T2e did update from 1.2 > 1.3 (July 29) successfully. :smiley:

Since the /e/Solutions shop recently discontinued the Teracube 2E (T2E) from its product range and the iodé.tech shop announces ‘Out of stock’, to which no classic bank transfer (SEPA) is offered for payment, I bought a T2E elsewhere and changed the operating system myself.

Taking the opportunity, I tried three custom ROMs: /e/OS-Q (1Q) :: Styx OS-1.7 (11R) :: iodéOS 1.3 (1Q). I had to pay for my curiosity as to whether the bootloader is relockable by spending hours restoring the T2E, because after the ‘fastboot fastboot flashing lock’ the screen remained black and the T2E could no longer be switched on. Conclusion of the experiment: Verified Boot - yes¹, ReLocked Bootloader - no!

Since the end of the scenario I am a bit wiser, but also satisfied that iodèOS 1.3 runs as usual well on the Teracube 2E. Nevertheless, I won’t keep it and will sell it when the opportunity arises. Although I like the concept of Teracube (as well as Fairphone), I prefer smartphones of the calibre of Xiaomi Mi9, Sony Xperia XZ3 + XZ2, Samsung Galaxy 9 family as well as the Samsung Galaxy 10 suite that was added today.

Sorry, reading mistake on my part. It should read correctly: Verified Boot - no, ReLocked Bootloader - no!

fastboot getvar all
(bootloader) warranty: no
(bootloader) unlocked: yes
(bootloader) secure: no

Excellent information! How did you verify :point_down:?

@eastdawn, thank you for your attentive reading and enquiry. I’ve just checked the status again and corrected my posting.

@iodysseus i have the same problem with my T2E (black screen ans no boot) and i’m l’ost. Please tell me how you have restore the phone. Thks

my key to successfully revive the T2E was to reinstall stock android 10 image via SP flash tool.
First try via ‘Download Only’ - without preloader (first position - uncheck - in Smart Phone Flash Tool).

@iodysseus thks, i will try that :+1::grin:

@iodysseus big thanks, it’s alive!!!

@brunal, how goes the world with you?
After reviving your T2e. Which OS is now running on your device?

@iodysseus Nice. My teracube 2e is running iodé os 1.3 and works fine and sometimes slow down a little bit. I’m waiting iodé os 2.0 (Android 11) like the Samsung s9.
I have installed iodé os on the fairphone of my wife but she prefer /e/ os.
I like the Blocker
See you

@brunal, this may also be due to the simple hardware of the T2e. And in my experience, AOSP 11 isn’t always the better or faster solution. For example, my old-timer Samsung Galaxy S4 runs no better with LineageOS 18.1 than with LOS 17.1. You can’t make a racehorse out of an old horse. It’s important to me that the devices have as less Google spies as possible.

@iodysseus Yes that’s right. Me too , i want a degoogled phone and i Love my t2e.

An alpha build of iodéOS based on Android 11 is actually being tested. Stay tuned !

iodé-Recovery T2e

When I switched from iodéOS 1.3 to iodéOS 1.4, I changed the custom recovery at the same time.

image T2e iodé-recovery

With the new iode-1.4-recovery (iode-1.4-20210828-2e-recovery.img) I miss the BACK button [ ] which allows an easy return to the previous screen.


Any news about iodé 3.0 for Teracube 2E?

… what is different and or better than in version 2.5 (LOS 18.1, AOSP 11)?