IodéOS on Samsung Galaxy A10


It’s been a little while that i was thinking about installing a custom ROM on my device. I was searching for a OS that is simple, convenient but that don’t throw away the privacy. It’s my first time.

I started searching for LineageOS, /e/OS, DivestOS, CalyxOS and among them i liked IodéOS more and apparently the technical specifications are more compatible with my device.

So, i was thinking, is there any problem (short or long term) to install the IodéOS (A5 or A7 version) on my Galaxy A10?

I also don’t think about using the device as root.

Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with iodéOS.

However, you don’t get DivestOS or CalyxOS for your A10.
With LineageOS you don’t have microG on board, unless you use LOS4microG, an offshoot of LOS.
And without microG, the transition will be difficult for most people.

Most apps run with iodéOS, it is very stable and innovative. The blocker/firewall is unique.

Dare with the custom ROM, take iodéOS and you won’t regret it. Not even in the long term…


Oh sorry, I’m just seeing it now.
You have an A10. There is no iodéOS for that!
The other two are NOT compatible!
You’re unlucky, sorry

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That’s sad.

I can’t install the A5 or A7 versions of IodéOS on my A10? They are phones from the same model line, plus my A10 is more recent, 2017 vs 2019, respectively. Perhaps the single most notable technical difference is that the A10 has 1GB less.

Sorry if i’m talking nonsense.

No, you cant. Sorry

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