iodéOS on OnePlus 5/5T + 6/6T with re-Locked Bootloader

crDroid, DivestOS, /e/OS, LineageOS-for-microG are all based on the code of the and Lineage Android distribution. /e/OS builds two versions: /e/OS-Q + /e/OS-R. The bootloader is open - except for DivestOS Mobile.

Tad aka SkewedZeppelin from Divested Computing Group has single-handedly managed to lock the bootloader again on these four OnePlus with his DivestOS 18.1 / 11.0 / R. OnePlus 6 (enchilada) and 6T (fajita) are also tentatively already running its DivestOS 19.1 / 12.1 / S / - with Re-Locked bootloader.

Tad says:

„bootloader locking, this is pretty easy to support/enable, you just have to integrate the following into your builds“

bootloader locking

this is pretty easy to support/enable, you just have to integrate the following into your builds

  • builds must be -user, not -userdebug
  • in DivestOS-Build repo:
    • signing keys can be generated correctly using Scripts/ $device
    • Scripts/Common/ is used to copy verity keys into kernels
    • processRelease() in Scripts/Common/ is used to sign releases
    • devices can have verified boot re-enabled using enableVerity() in Scripts/Common/
    • you need to sed -i 's/^\treturn VERITY_STATE_DISABLE;//' drivers/md/dm-android-verity.c on all kernels, to restore verified boot that LineageOS disabled
    • you’ll need to apply Patches/*/android_build/0002-OTA_Keys.patch to android_build repo to correctly add keys to the recovery
  • in DivestOS-Website repo has device bootloader information in the format: unlock method, bootloader lock support, verified boot support

As for device support (per the devices I build for):

  • 9 devices have been tested working with locked bootloader and verified boot
  • 5 devices have been tested working with locked bootloader but do not support verfied boot
  • 25 devices should support locked bootloader with verified boot
  • 6 devices should support locked bootloader but do not support verified boot

iodéOS 1.x and 2.x with re-locked bootloader on OnePlus 5/5T + 6/6T - that would be an extraordinary feature and best advertisement for iodéOS, apart from an iodé GSI.

To develop a ROM for special devices, the developers need these devices…
maybe you want to make these 4 devices available :wink:

Well, iodéOS is unfairly overshadowed by its Parisian neighbors. That’s why I could and would lend M. Maurino Antoine and his iodé team the four OnePlus for the iodé ROM development, if the financial means are not available for own acquisition, which I can hardly imagine, given existing higher-priced devices like the Fairphone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 family.

By the way: Tad aka SkewedZeppelin builds at least half of his ROMs without (!) having the devices on site. That is nothing unusual, by the way, or do you really assume that the /e/Team, for example, which works all over the world, owns all of the currently supported 249 smartphones?

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These are all facts that I cannot evaluate. Only the developers themselves can do that.
That’s why I don’t want to comment on it anymore. You should only talk when you have something to say :wink:
But I would support growth in devices and user base. Also that at some point it will pay off financially for the boys.

Yes @FairphoneHulk,
the above are facts and not empty words, because they are proven and publicly available, in the spirit of FLOSS.

Add support for and compile an officially supported LineageOS device for ...OS.


It takes me 2-4 hours to add support for and compile an officially supported LineageOS device for DivestOS.
Porting an unsupported device with an existing device tree can be done in a day or three.
Porting a completely unsupported device is a very arduous process.

I realize that besides know-how it takes time to build a new device for iodéOS. But the most time consuming parts are already done and it’s open source.

And a device with a Verified Boot |reLocked Bootloader should not only be reserved for the Google Pixel smartphones and the Xiaomi Mi A2. The OnePlus 9 and 8T with Verified Boot and Re-Locked Bootloader based on Android 12 will be available in the next few weeks. Connoisseurs of the matter will click their tongues …

And now please, the iodé.tech crew has the floor …

Apart from the increase in hardware resources (cpu time, disk space, …), building iodé for a lineage supported device does not take that much time. What takes time is testing, and trying to solve the unavoidable little bugs specific to that new device that users report. We actually must make choices in where we spend our time. We will certainly add new devices, and oneplus may be good candidates, but for the time being we want to concentrate on developing the rom itself - many things to do.


… get it done!
The comforting thing is that, OnePlus 5/5T + 6/6T now officially also runs LineageOS 19.1, LineageOS-19.1-for-microG (unlocked) and DivestOS 19.1 / 12.1 / S (relocked).