iodeOS Note 9 sm-n960w/u

I just want to confirm and leave a community placeholder for anyone searching for iodeOS support for note 9 snapdragon chipset models like sm-960w and sm-960u. Given its based on lineageOS and the bootloader is not unlockable for these models past a specific security update, I can safely say iodeOS is not available for my phone?

The website and forum supported hardware list doesnt specify model numbers, and website just has a big red block beside ‘bootloader locked’, which I only know just enough to be confused by haha. So any further search from other note 9 users looking for this will probably bring you to this post and an answer below…?

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Yes, it is not supported.

These are the supported model numbers listed on LineageOS website

Supported models * SM-N960F

  • SM-N960F/DS
  • SM-N960N

Iode follows Lineage for these phones so if it’s not in the list it’s not supported.

The red block against ‘bootloader locked’ means the bootloader cannot be locked again after installing iodeOS.

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