iodeOS from standard fp4 OS

have managed to get a iodeOS to the fp4
now cannot connect from files or transfer files to the fp4
and a working simcard on another device does not seem to work on the fp4
any ideas why?

fp4 was bought with fairphoneOS because not knowing there were google free systems that use the fairphone and tried ubuntu touch and postmarket OS and both didn’t do that well

Hey, do you still have any issues? If yes, I would like to try and help. :slight_smile:

I have iodeOS running on my FP3.

Maybe try download again and flash latest version for FP4. I got fp4 with preinstalled iode os and everything works fine.

iodeOs now works the way I want it to
just did a new install but a little bit more concentrated and reading

thanks for the input

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