iodéOS for x86_64 Notebook Laptops Desktop PCs

There were and are several Android OS for PC Computers (32,64 bit). Since May 2022, the third edition of LeOS for x86_64 notebooks / laptops / desktop PCs has been available as an .ISO. This can be tried out in live mode or installed permanently.

@harvey186, the one-man-show of LeOS-GSI from Austria, shows in an impressive way what a clever mind is capable of creating. The OS is by no means perfect. But on my eight-year-old HP convertible PC with Touch screen, LeOS-R based on Android 11 fills in like its GSI releases on a tablet and smartphone.

The current iodéOS 2.5 and iodéOS 3.x coming soon are fantastic forks of LineageOS 18.1/19.1 optional with microG, but are not nearly as well known and popular as the LineageOS forks of LineageOS-for-microG and /e/OS by, although it has a number of features to show for it that the others do not. My wish is that this will change.

That’s why communication and marketing is the tool to make the custom ROM iodéOS better known far beyond the borders of France. Nothing is better advertising than a versatile working Custom ROM iodéOS. Increased attention could be generated with iodéOS GSI + iodéOS for x86_64 ISO. Please iodé team, think about it, don’t reinvent the wheel, but show others what you can do.

I also find it a great pity that iodéOS is so unknown. It would have deserved at least the same attention as /e/.

It would certainly help if they went completely open source this year. I know that’s not an easy decision for them though. However, this is always criticized and keeps some away from iodéOS.

I would find an official partnership with Fairphone really, really good. This would certainly also give another good push.

How about an interview at and (ct’ magazine)?

The proprietary code in iodéOS, which some people criticise, naturally invites speculation. Does it serve exclusively to protect know-how or does it hide more, e.g. trackers. This question can only be answered by the developers. Without question, open source, FLOSS, FOSS, on the other hand, creates trust, just like iodéOS Customs ROMs signed with private keys.

The use of the built-in SeedVault Secure Backup App or the built-in Datura Firewall App or the Hypatia App, open source real-time malware scanner, gives the developers great respect and reputation. These attributes are worth more in the long run than a possible short-term unique selling point.

An additional security feature such as reLocked Bootloader Verified Boot or iodéOS ONE could also raise the profile of iodéOS.

But I wouldn't buy ...

a Murena One smartphone with SoC-Oldie Mediatek Helio P60 octo-core 2 GHz SoC. Rather a Volla Pho+ne 22 with its Mediatek Helio G85 like the Gigaset GS5. But such a 10.4 mm thick lump doesn’t really turn me on. Not so the 7.6 mm of a Xiaomi Mi 9 or 8.2 mm of a OnePlus 6T (bootloader relockable).