iodéOS for Fairphone 4?



Hey @vince31fr , well done.
What about betatester? :wink:

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I’ve got my Fairphone 4 here with bootloader unlocked, keen to put iodeOS on it


So maybe it is time to order my FairPhone4 now :slight_smile:

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Sure. Feel free to join the beta testing group on telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat


System works very well

I had to do following actions to install iode over /e/OS:

  • boot into bootloader

  • fastboot flashing unlock

  • fastboot flash recovery_a iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img (only comming from /e/OS instead of StockROM)

  • fastboot flash boot iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img

  • boot in recovery

  • apply update via sideload

  • fastboot flash boot iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img

  • reset data

  • boot in bootloader

  • fastboot flashing lock

  • boot in system

20220123 in file name is a time stamp of the actual version. can be newer!!!

System works very well with all apps and settings. Very smooth. No problems


Final setting:

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Same question as for /e/, I guess: does the camera app allow to use both cameras?

Same answer: no

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OK, thanks, so I guess camera is most likely a “normal” OpenCamera or Snap or something like that?

Maybe @vince31fr could give an outlook whether it is likely that both cameras will be supported?

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normal Open Camera with no wide angel mod.

I use continuing Gcam Wichaya mod.

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More beta testers welcome? :wink: (But only time as of next Tuesday)


Join the Telegram goroup.
Download Recovery and Image.
Install both.
And get smile on your face that never ends… :slight_smile:

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Well, for some reason I can’t even join telegram. I put in my phone number, it tells me it’s sent me a verification code through sms… but I get absolutely nothing.

But SMS is working in general?
Do you receive other SMS?

Hmmm, I am not fond of Telegram, but for this time, OK. I would have preferred Threema!

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I am also
Installed it only for this group. Do not sync my contacts. Disabled all things not necessary.
Use telegram FOSS from f-droid

Thanks for this! I will deinstall the contacts first, make a Threema Backup, and then have a look at Telegram. And then put my SIM in an old FP2 until Iodé is installed :wink:

And use telegram FOSS instead of normal one

Still updating to new Beta from today 20220123

Had to change the internal Updater to another Version, described in Telegram group.
With original version got no updates presented…

Update installed. Runs as good as the previous version. Top. :+1: