IodéOS 5.x on Samasung Galaxy S10e?

I would like to come back to IodéOS on Galaxy S10e, however I’d like to avoid reinstalling all apps and settings twice. If I remember correctly, you need to do clean flash between main versions. So my question is… Where will be version 5.x on Galaxy S10e? Thanks.

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“Coming back” means you are running a different ROM, right?
Then you have to do a clean flash and install all apps from fresh.
Maybe a seedfault backup from a enemy ROM will work, but no guarantee

Yes, LOS for MicroG. I know I need to do clean flash, but I want to avoid doing clean flash again from IodéOS 4.x to 5.x. I will wait if ver 5.x if coming soon.

No, that ist possible dirty
No need to do a clean flash

Really? It is possible to upgrade from Android 13 to 14 without clean flash? Then there is no reason to wait.

Yes, but afaik there is still no IOS 5 in sight. Linux4 made an unofficial build for S10 series, but it’s not even supported for LOS with microG atm. I think we might have to wait and hope for the best.