iodéOS 4.8 for Samsung S9

Today, I received the information that the iodéOS 4.8 is ready for update on my S9.

  1. I backed up my system (seedvault + neobackup + app export).
  2. I downloaded the update using the updater.
  3. *** I deinstalled Magisk.
  4. I installed the update by clicking on the “install” button in the updater
  5. The OTA update was smoothly installed and the system started as usual.
  6. *** I restartet the system into the recovery, installed Magisk per TWRP 3.7.0 and restartet the system.
  7. *** I started the Magisk app and re-installed and patched Magisk
  8. *** I removed the old Magisk backup (/data/magisk_backup)
  9. I backed up the new iodéOS download (/data/lineageos_updates/iode_*.zip)

Note, the steps indicated by *** are special steps required for a rooted system. They are not needed in order to run iodéOS. I hope I did not forget any step. My system is now running as before.

Thanks a lot to the iodè team.


I’m using the same configuration S9+root over Magisk+TWRP. Also updated as before to all 4.x versions even a bit easier:

  1. Update download via updater, installation via updater, TWRP starts and performed the update
  2. Restart
  3. Boot into TWRP and flashed the Magisk.apk (renamed as
  4. Boot into System, start Magisk-app which says it needs an update >> direct install
  5. Reboot. Done.

Works like a charm. No need for deinstallation of Magisk. Backups of course recommended (but till now in the 4.x versions not needed). Update takes roughly 5 Minutes for me, incl. 2 restarts.

I was always looking for a system which is updateable (is this a word? ;)) keeping root and of course protects your data.
Big thanks also from my side to the developers.
Only small issue is the camera quality but this is not a iode thing but a Samsung thing, due to proprietary code… Except that I’m 100% satisfied with iode!

hi…I’ve also been using the S9(starlte) with gcam for a long time.
I just tested a newer version…I can only recommend it.

The ruler version

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Thanks for the hint!
I tried but it crashs at start (after giving the needed rights). Do you use any config file?
To be honest I’m not sure if I installed something back at the days when i installed the GCAM port I’m using (MGC by BSG 8.1.101).
Any idea?

For me it runs out oft the box without config file.
With gcam service provider photo from Lukas Pieper

which S9 do you have…exynos or snapdragon?

Ooookay… Maybe its working for someone else but not for me.

The problem seems to be that Gcam Services Provider is incompatible with MicroG (as written on GitHub) which comes with native with Iode. So I’m actually wondering that this is running for you. I can not even install the Gcam Services Provider (doesn’t matter which version) because it’s saying there is a conflicting package installed (which is MicroG I assume).

Btw my S9 is an Exynos.
Thanks anyhow, might be helpful for me next phone :wink:

OK…forgot to mention…I don’t use microG