iodéOS 2.2 rolled out with full blocker customization


Thanks for this great feature! IodéOS is getting better and better. :grinning:

The only thing I miss at the moment is that the iodé(-blocker)-app becomes open-source. This is a point that is very important to many users. Is it already foreseeable when this will be so?

Which blocking lists are used in the iode blocker?


You have to scroll down a little bit.

Oh, I see. You are using your own. Is this based on EnergizedProtection/EnergizedBlu?

iodé keeps its own blacklist (see our FAQ) and you will soon be able to add your own recipients to the blacklist through iodé’s interface.

Oh man, I only have my Pixel 5 and now my Fairphone 4
I would love to use iode but can’t…
Am totally annoyed and can’t wait anymore :frowning:

At the end of the table it says:
Credits : https: //

Unfortunately, we still have to wait a few months, I guess at least half a year. I urgently hope that it clearly works before the end of 2022 and I can definitely buy the FP4 in the Iodé store in time so that I can get the 5-year warranty. Otherwise, it is of course a pity that I have to wait even longer. But I’m happy to do that because iodé makes it possible even for a layman to have a REALLY privacy-friendly smartphone by buying it pre-installed. :grinning:

I don’t have any smartphone yet and I’m eagerly waiting to finally buy my first smartphone. :astonished:
We hold out together! :smiley:


thanks for the constant work and improvements.

One issue I want to report is to be found when wanting to watch streaming services.
I tested some and can report that Amazon video and Disney+ do not play video anymore. Also a local German basketball app streaming the basketball games is now unable to stream video. There are different reason codes popping up.

Anyone else having this issue as well?
Any ideas how to solve them?

Thanks and best regards

Which device are you on? Have you tried unactivating the blocker to see if it works?


Get a fairphone 3 that is used so you dont need to buy new phones? hehe

Dear @Antoine ,

Thanks for the idea. I unblocked them for testing and it has not changed. I will see if I restarte the router ,phone etc as well.

Any other input is appreciated.

Best regards,

Thanks for this release! Is it identical to the beta?

ok. What device are you using?

Yes it is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry…forgotten to answer on that part.
I use a Galaxy s9.

I trust if it does not change I would need to role back to 2.1, correct?

Should be possible via the bootloader I recall:)

Best regards,

Anyone else having this issue with the galaxy s9 and streaming services?

Indeed there is an issue with streaming services on S9. It will be fixed in our next OTA.
If you want to revert to v2.1, I think your data will be reset, so I suggest you back it up before

Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the confirmation!

Might be a silly question, but when would the next OTA to be expected for the S9?

As all other services run well and nice I would therefore consider the effort or wait.

Thanks and best regards,

@Antoine i logged into one of the streaming services via the browser and it said there is a DRM issue. As the apps didn’t say it,I just wanted to share this additional piece.

Looking forward to the next OTA!

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