iodéOS 2.2 beta testing has started

Hi all,
Just a quick notice to tell you that we are currently beta testing our next release that will normally be deployed in a few days!

As a reminder, in case you want to join the beta testing group, you will find more information here.


Is iode’ 2.2 still based on Android 11 from last year or is it upgraded to this year’s Android 12 described here:


It is based on Android 11

ok-I’m looking forward to seeing the changes. It looks like the iode’ firewall has been changed from your screenshots.

Thanks for the info!


It seems that the linked page for becoming a beta tester doesn’t help, as the two descriptions don’t match the current case of updating from 2.1 to 2.2. Should I choose Android 11->Android 11V2 on my FP3?

Indeed if you are already running Android 11. I changed the description with 2.X if that helps understanding?

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Yes, thanks. Downloaded the updater and downloading the update now.

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Hi, my teracube 2e is still working with iodéOS 1.4 (no OTA updates so far). Do you plan to update it?

Our latest update (from the 07/09) is iodéOS 2.2… You should see an OTA in the updater.
We are normally pushing a new OTA (iodé0S 2.3) next week.

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Unfortunately I can’t see any update. IodéOS version is 1.4, updated on august 28th.
Is there a way to force it?

So far I had no problems, but do you have anything where we should pay special attention or something you need to have tested?

We added features in the iodé blocker you could pay attention to; otherwise just using the beta for everyday use is what we are seeking for in order to spot any problems. If you encounter nothing wrong then we will release it next week!

That is weird.
You can also DL the OS from here and sideload it using adb